Editorial Reviews for Just Like Em

Harlequin Inspirational Romance: Just Like Em“Widowed, single dad Roger Holden never imagined that the gangly, annoying teenage brat who’d repeatedly soaped his car and almost derailed his college love life would help put his world back together years later. But that’s exactly what happens when a stunning, grown-up Emmy Lou Masters returns to Phoenix because of her young son’s asthma. Appealing characters (including a trio of lively seven-year-olds, a moody teen, and a whip-smart grandmother), the timeless difficulties of grief, divorce, job loss, and child-rearing, and description so vivid you can feel the summer heat rise from the pages make this engaging story perfect for readers who prefer their romances both gentle and rewarding. VERDICT This touching romance is a creditable debut for author Ekholm and a perfect fit for Harlequin’s Heartwarming line. Ekholm lives in Glendale, AZ.” – Library Journal, 02/15/2014

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“This emotion-filled romance tells the story of the single mother of an asthmatic son who finds that love the second time around can be so much better than a youthful romance. Readers will appreciate the honesty of the characters’ emotions on the rocky road to true love. Just Like Em is a perfect book for Harlequin’s Heartwarming line.” – Shelley M.

“Em is the young girl we were when we had a crush on a boy in school. Her life has changed and now she meets him again. I enjoyed the way she understood his daughter and how she handled the daughter’s problems as well as her felling for him.
I hope to read more of her books.” – Sandra L.

“Ms. Ekholm’s novel is a warm heartfelt romance about love the second time around. The reader will step into the characters shoes and delight in the feel of family values and real-life kids. It is a great read. I will look for more novels by her.” – Carolyn C.

“When Emmy Lou, affectionately known as “Em” was a teenager, her “crush” was her best friend’s older brother, Roger. A college guy at the time, Roger only had eyes for his girlfriend, Karen. Flash forward more than a dozen years later. Em is a divorced mother with a young boy. She’s struggling to make financial ends meet. Roger is a widower, having lost his beloved wife, Karen, to cancer. He’s tackling the rearing of twin six-year-old sons and a teenage daughter who is discovering her hormones. On top of everything else, Roger’s company is relocating – without Roger. While he consoles and assists his employees who are losing their jobs, he’s also losing his own.” – a reader

“Ms. Ekholm is fantastic with creating realistic, endearing, and heartwarming characters. Roger’s frustrations with a teenage, motherless daughter are believable as is Em’s weariness with her deadbeat ex-husband. Em becomes the adult female the teenage Samantha needs while Roger is the role model for Em’s young son. As Em and Roger help their children evolve and grow, they do too. “Just Like Em” is a story of two lost souls finding each other and fusing two families into one.”  – Maggie